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- Tin Size: 7"H x 4"W

Cloud & Mist

Organic green tea
Fujian Province, China
A traditional green tea with a slightly floral aroma and an underlying note of roasted macadamia nut; Sweet and bright to the taste with a hint of butter and grass
A brew that brings clarity

Golden Monkey

Organic black tea
Northern Fujian Province, China
Grown in areas so high and precipitous that local growers train monkeys to pluck the tealeaves.
Red amber color, exceptionally smooth and tannin-free with notes of oven-roasted sweet potato.
A light, easy everyday black tea; A delicious pairing with desert.

New Craft

White tea
Fujian Province, China
Uncured and unfermented, floral, textured and complexity define this tea;
Aroma is reminiscent of rose water, raisins and dried apricots while the taste is sweet and distinct.
Ideal to restore health

Peppermint Rose

Herbal tisane - Caffeine-free
Globally sourced
An invigorating blend of peppermint with rosebuds; Sharp and floral to the pallet
An aromatic digestive

Tung Ting “The Frozen Summit”

Formosa oolong tea
Nantou County, Taiwan
Gathered at over 700 meters above sea level these winter harvested leaves are sourced for their fragrance and mouth-feel; Oxidized to accentuate fresh orchid and gardenia notes.
An infusion for the active and activated

Tung Ting, Charcoal Roasted

Formosa oolong tea
Nantou County, Taiwan?
Slow roasted using charcoal made from Longan fruit wood
Detect notes of burnt caramel, coffee and brown sugar; Valiant in flavor yet smooth to the pallet.
A bold, stand-alone choice

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